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Free Agents: clipping.

Free Agents is a new feature series where we shine the spotlight on an up-and-coming act who’s yet to have a proper release – at least, not one that we’re aware of, and yes, we know that the phrase “proper release” is a bit of a cloudy one these days – but that we think is onto something special regardless. 

Artist: clipping.
Origin: Los Angeles
Style: Hip-hop

Not since Sensational staggered into Deadfader’s studio have we heard rap and glitch collide with such force and flair as on Midcity, the recent free-to-download EP from L.A. troublemakers’ clipping.. The three-piece – who, we ought to confess, have previously snuck out a tiny-circulation EP on local label Deathbomb Arc – make “party music for the club you wish you hadn’t gone to”, which apparently means a bitcrushed Death Grips with chiller rhymes. Jonathan Snipes, William Hutson and Daveed Diggs have clearly posited themselves in a lineage of shadow music – running from No Wave freaks ONO through to industrial-rap team Dälek – operating at the ash-spotted fringes of rap. A tour with Thrill Jockey’s resident drum loons Foot Village should up their profile no end in the coming months.

Update: What to do you know – on the same day this article was posted, clipping. have announced that they’ve signed to Seattle lodestone Sub Pop. Congratulations, clipping..



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