The festival announced its next wave of artists today with a podcast of their work.

Mutek returns to Montréal this May and though they’ve already announced major names including Andy Stott and James Holden, the line-up has gotten even bigger today. Festival programmer Vincent Lemieux took to Mixcloud today with a new podcast sharing the artists. The additions include Anthony Naples, Basic House, Patricia, and Mika Vainio (who recently announced a collaborative album with Franck Vigroux).

See all the new additions and listen to the preview podcast below.

Mutek will take place from May 27 to May 31. You can check out the full line-up and find tickets through Mutek’s site.

MUTEK2015PREVIEW002 by Mutek Montréal on Mixcloud

New additions:

Anthony Naples (US) / Basic House (UK) / Billy Dalessandro & Ombossa Present Boomers (CA) / Cabaal (CA) / Dasha Rush Presents Antarctic Takt (RU) / Drew Gragg (CA) / Fumiya Tanaka (JP) / Gunnar Haslam (US) / Hugues Clément Presents Dichotomie (CA) / Jonathan Scherk (CA) / Karen Gwyer (UK) / Lumisokea (BE/IT) / Lvis Mejía Presents Syntagma (MX) / Mini & Nelly-Eve Rajotte Present Nix (CA) / Mika Vainio (FI) / Patricia (US) / Perfume Advert (UK) / Pheek (CA) / Réservoir (CA) / Seekersinternational (CA) / Stärker (CA) / Svengalisghost (US) / Takami Nakamoto & Sebastien Benoits Present Reflections (JP/FR) / Waveshaper (CA) / Wiklow Presents Skeletal Wires (CA)



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