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Photos: Hudson Mohawke plays Irving Plaza in NYC

On Thursday May 28, Hudson Mohawke played New York City’s Irving Plaza with World’s Fair members DJ Thoth and Remy Banks and long-time ally Nick Hook. The night was all over the place, but everything made sense.

Opening the night was Nick Hook with a lively warmup set, playing a selection of hip-hop classics and party-starting rap hits. DJ Thoth started out with a mix of mellow-but-tough hip-hop instrumentals, before Banks stepped things up with a loud and intense performance. Hud Mo hit the stage with hard hitting instrumentals from his Chimes EP and closed the night with a selection of tunes previewing his upcoming full-length album Lantern.

FACT’s Maxwell Schiano was there to capture the event, see photos below.

MaxwellSchiano_HudsonMohawke2015NYC1MaxwellSchiano_HudsonMohawke2015NYC3MaxwellSchiano_HudsonMohawke2015NYC13MaxwellSchiano_HudsonMohawke2015NYC15MaxwellSchiano_HudsonMohawke2015NYC18 MaxwellSchiano_HudsonMohawke2015NYC19MaxwellSchiano_HudsonMohawke2015NYC21MaxwellSchiano_HudsonMohawke2015NYC26MaxwellSchiano_HudsonMohawke2015NYC28MaxwellSchiano_HudsonMohawke2015NYC32 MaxwellSchiano_HudsonMohawke2015NYC33 MaxwellSchiano_HudsonMohawke2015NYC52 



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