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FACT Focus 3: Renegade Hardware

FACT Focus is a brand new mix series.

Regular FACT readers may have noticed that occasionally, to accompany a large feature or list, the author has provided a mix summarizing the article in handy-to-absorb MP3 format. Well, we’ve decided to flesh this out into a series.

Episodes of FACT Focus will, umm, focus on a specific artist, label, scene or sound. The mixes won’t be weekly, but they’ll always go the extra mile in terms of highlighting hidden classics and mapping-out specific eras or sounds.

This week’s installment comes from Anthoney Hart (aka Imaginary Forces and Basic Rhythm), who focuses on oft-overlooked D&B imprint Renegade Hardware. Hart cut his teeth spinning on London pirate radio in the 90s, and Renegade Hardware was a big part of that.

“It was a label that made up at least half of every set I played on Rude FM from the late 90s to the early 2000s,” he says. “I feel it’s a label that is often overlooked in favour of ‘hardcore jungle classics’.”

Hart’s latest 12″, Shift Work is out now on the Bedouin label.

Stream the mix below via Mixcloud or download via WeTransfer.


Future Forces Inc – ‘Intensify’
Paradox – ‘A Certain Sound’
Genotype – ‘Square Waves’
Absolute Zero & Subphonics – ‘The Code’
Dom & Roland – ‘Transmissions’
Usual Suspects – ‘Killa Bees’
Usual Suspects – ‘Hole Punch’
Loxy & Ink – ‘Airlock’
Digital & Spirit – ‘Crash’
John B – ‘Adrenaline’
DJ Reality – ‘Detroit Blues’
DJ Loxy & Usual Suspects – ‘Stalker’
Digital – ‘Lockdown’
DJ Ink – ‘Ice Age’
Loxy & Ink – ‘Pipe Tune’
Konflict – ‘Messiah’
DJ Loxy – ‘Caution’
Future Cut – ‘Whiplash’ (Lemon D Remix)
Loxy & Ink – ‘Sabretooth’
Konflict – ‘The Beckoning’ (Usual Suspects Remix)
Usual Suspects – ‘Shrapnel’ (Stakka & Skynet Remix)
Loxy & Dylan – ‘Nightmare’
Loxy & Dylan – ‘Death March’
DJ Ink – ‘Need You’
Digital – ‘Rocksteady’ (4 Horsemen Remix)
DJ Ink – ‘Mirage’
Universal Project – ‘Tempest’
Paul B & Dissident – ‘Technecium’
D Kay – ‘Zombie Nation’
Loxy & Dylan – ‘The Force’
Spirit – ‘Stone Cold’



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