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Photos: Roy Ayers live at The Jazz Cafe, London

Roy Ayers performed in London this week, with three days of consecutive shows.

The jazz, funk and R&B legend performed at The Jazz Cafe and while the set had technical problems, Ayers continued regardless, waving to friends in the audience and grinning and staring in admiration as his band rattled through the classics. He even came back at the end of the show to take pictures with happy fans.

FACT’s Carys Huws was there to capture Tuesday’s event.


Roy Ayers_BW

Roy Ayers_6


Roy Ayers_34BW

Roy Ayers_21

Roy Ayers_12

Roy Ayers_30

Roy Ayers_27CROPPED


Roy Ayers_32

Roy Ayers_40CROPPED

Roy Ayers_11CROPPED

Roy Ayers_23CROPPED

Roy Ayers_19

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Roy Ayers_42

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Roy Ayers_38BW

Roy Ayers_44CROPPED

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