The week’s best mixes: Bruce, Darkthrone’s Fenriz and a day-long spiritual jazz voyage

Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

This week we say farewell to one of the internet’s most reliable sources of quality dance mixes as Bruce takes the reins for the final Juno Plus podcast.

Elsewhere there’s barely a 4/4 pattern in sight as we take a plunge into deeper, weirder waters with bizarro sets from Grumbling Fur’s Daniel O’Sullivan and Darkthrone’s Fenriz, plus Bill Brewster shows us how to squeeze vinyl value from a tenner and there’s 12 solid hours of spiritual jazz. Happy Friday?

Juno Plus Podcast 148

Juno Plus bowed out this week, a closure that can only be seen as a massive blow to underground dance music. Their podcasts have continually flagged up the best new DJ talent of recent years, and they’ve never shied away from getting weird. The final edition comes from one of our favourite new finds, Bristol producer and Hessle Audio affiliate Bruce, who takes it slow and sludgy with selections from Andy Stott, Cloudface, Huerco S. and Batu. Juno Plus, we salute you.

Daniel O’Sullivan
Jelly On Your Shoulder on Soho Radio

The first episode of Daniel O’Sullivan’s Soho Radio show is a delight, gifting us with an insight into the Grumbling Fur/Ulver/Mothlite/Æthenor/Guapo/Not This Heat man’s exceptional and exceptionally wide taste. There’s something for every shade of weirdo in here, from Terry Riley & John Cale to Alice Coltrane, 13th Floor Elevators and Constance Demby. Bonus points for the Velvets reference in the show’s title, too.


Old School Mix for The Wire
Listen here

If for a moment you thought that Darkthrone’s Fenriz was nothing more than a classic kvlt Norwegian black metal church-burner, think again. Fenriz has never made a secret of his passion for music outside of the genre – he’s got a Plastikman tattoo, for fuck’s sake – and now he’s sealed the deal with this far-reaching blend for The Wire. It sounds more like the kind of mix you’d hear from Finders Keepers, as Fenriz trucks through Bollywood hits, classic ska, bizarre early electronics and vintage Greek rembetika. A rare look into the mind of one of music’s intriguing figures.

Black Classical
History of Spiritual Jazz Parts 1-4

NTS Radio has made available this four-part, 12-hour mix of spiritual jazz spanning music from 1957 to 2012 (when it was first recorded). The big hitters are all present and correct with material from Sun Ra, John & Alice Coltrane, Don Cherry and Pharoah Sanders, but you also get lesser-known cuts from Brazilian percussion maestro Airto, an early incarnation of Earth, Wind & Fire and much more. About 11 hours more, in fact. Hear parts two, three and four.

Bill Brewster
Record Replay Episode 001

The first episode of a new series which provides the bold DJ with a measly £10 with which they must purchase enough cracking tunes for a mix. If anyone can pull it off, it’s esteemed dance historian Bill Brewster, who picks up some half-forgotten gems from London’s Love Vinyl to put together a party mix featuring Mya, Wendy & Lisa, Scritti Politti and more.

Forests 森林
Surface Tension Podcast 10

We’ve made an exception to our usually strict guidelines for this uh-mazing edition of San Francisco’s Surface Tension podcast, which isn’t a mix and isn’t even from the last week. Fuck your rules, mom! I’m not going to school anymore! This is actually a mind-melting live set by Taiwan outfit Forests 森林, who pull off a heebie-jeebie-triggering concoction of krautrock, industrial techno, spooky psychedelia and dark drones to staggering effect. Thanks to Chris Zaldua from Surface Tension and the excellent Left Hand Path label for flagging this one.



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