The week’s best mixes: Carl Cox’s eight-hour farewell to Space, Teki Latex is the king of blends

Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

This week we give a standing ovation to a great French export and salute one of the greatest DJs in history as he bows out of his historic Ibiza residency.

Elsewhere, New York’s Madteo gets as 4/4 as he possibly can (still pretty weird, though) and we adopt a horizontal position for a dose of calming ragas and a full dunking of new age.

Teki Latex
100% Radio Hits

When Teki Latex drops a mix, we drop what we’re doing. The French DJ is a regular visitor to this corner of the site, having already produced a couple of our favourite sessions of 2016, and his combination of imagination and sheer technical skill leaves us flabbergasted every time. 100% Radio Hits is “about pushing my fascination for blends and superimposition one step further,” he explains, as “a love letter to the bootleg days, the Hollertronix days, the Radio Soulwax days, the DJ Spinbad days.” Accordingly, he kicks off by slapping Lorenzo Senni’s pointillist trance over ‘The Whisper Song’ and continues with tracks and a cappellas by Wiley, Gwen Stefani, AJ Tracey, Ace of Base, Britney and so much more over two hours.

Carl Cox

Carl Cox’s departure from Ibiza after 15 years as a resident at Space is a major blow to the party island’s reputation – no one’s ever going to call Martin Garrix the “Three Deck Wizard”, after all, and as Cox himself said last year, the island has been “spoilt” by bottle service and VIP areas. The god-like DJ went out with a serious bang, of course, broadcast his final eight-hour set live around the world. Stand to attention for part one, and listen to parts two, three and four.

Raga Vibrations
NTS Radio

Tape caresser Jefre Cantu-Ledesma teams up with experimental stalwart Greg Davis once a month for the self-explanatory Raga Vibrations show on NTS Radio, turning a love of Indian classical music into a meditative two-hour show that’s perfect for your Monday morning sun salutations. We’d love to pretend we could offer some track IDs but sadly we’re total novices to this field – however, Mixcloud informs us that the show features music by Ustav Lal, Shivkumar Sharma, Sultan Kahn and L. Subramaniam.

IA Mix 219

The always unpredictable Madteo delivers a club mix as only he can, shunting half-melted house and degraded drum machine jams up against heavy-lidded disco and boogie. “This is about as four-four as I get,” he explained to Inverted Audio. The accompanying interview is worth a look for his thoughts on DJ skills and present-day New York.

New Atlantis Takeover
Radar Radio

The New Atlantis team (that’s India Jordan, Deadboy, Tom Lea and other Peckham-centred modern disciples of new age) drift from vintage synth dreamscapes to grime-influenced ambient as only they can, creating a major dress code quandary in the process. Long live the new wave of new age.

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