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Basic Rhythm blazes into 1992 on Straight from the Bedroom #5

Straight From The Bedroom is a new mix series from Anthoney Hart, aka Basic Rhythm and East Man. Each month, Hart will raid his record collection to piece together a picture of the pirate radio era, rolling through hardcore, jungle, techno and eventually drum & bass.

We’re onto the fifth part of Anthoney Hart’s ongoing hardcore series Straight from the Bedroom, and now he’s moving to 1992, hoovering up the finest hardcore, jungle, house and techno sounds of the era.

1992 was a massive year for dance music, and Hart does it justice blending bona fide genre staples like Midlands hero Goldie’s timeless ‘Terminator’, 2 Bad Mice’s warehouse dominator ‘Bombscare’ and LTJ Bukem’s ‘Demon’s Theme’. This one goes up to 11.

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