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Hear a Dark Souls-inspired drone mix from Myers

An eerie mix of haunting tones and drones to darken the soul.

Last week, Minneapolis-based experimental music veteran Justin C. Meyers – aka Devillock, Panther Skull and Jailblazer – released his latest solo full-length on the Shelter Press imprint.

Entitled Struggle Artist, the album follow’s 2016’s acclaimed meditation on chronic illness, Negative Space (1981-2014), and charts the disappointment and precariousness of the artist’s life. The album was initially put together in hospital waiting rooms and on lunch breaks, but was finished when Meyers was laid off from his day job.

To accompany the album’s release, Meyers has put together an exclusive mix of unreleased material and four tracks that inspired Struggle Artist.

“The mix starts with an introduction to a performance, arranged with some abandoned material,” explains Myers. “Next in the mix is processed music from Dark Souls, a source of personal escape and a way to ease some of the anxiety of balancing art and work in my personal life. The rest of the mix is filled out with music that a keen ear may hear as partial inspiration for elements of my new album. The chatter at the end is an arrangement of abandoned material referencing the chatter of a group of video game NPCs.”

Take a listen below; Struggle Artist is available now from Shelter Press.


Meyers – ‘Introduction to Performance (2015)’
Meyers – ‘You Died’ (Dark Souls Edit)
Rene Hell – ‘The Bridge’
Burning Star Core – ‘Challenger’
Redolfi – ‘Immersion Partielle’
Joe Colley – ‘Future Screaming’
Meyers – ‘NPC Phase’

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