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FACT mix 673: The Bug presents PRESSURE

The legendary Kevin Martin – aka The Bug – steps up to present his PRESSURE event series and label, reworking Miss Red’s K.O. in a dubplate style.

Kevin Martin hardly needs an introduction on FACT at this point. He’s described on Discogs as an “experimental musician who has worked in a variety of genres” and we can’t really disagree.

Martin has worked in a plethora of bands and under a variety of guises over the years: Techno Animal, King Midas Sound, Zonal, The Curse of the Golden Vampire, Experimental Audio Research, God, Sub Species, The Sidewinder and more. But he’s most well known for his influential work as The Bug.

Since 1997’s dusty Tapping the Conversation, Martin has been using the moniker to channel his most crucial production excursions, twisting dub, hardcore, grime and hip-hop tropes into devastating new forms and never ignoring the soundsystem.

This special FACT mix is primarily a celebration of Miss Red’s exceptional K.O. full-length, which was produced by Martin and released on his PRESSURE imprint in July. Martin has taken that album’s sci-fi influenced rhythms and re-voiced them in a dubplate style, inviting Miss Red to re-record her hooks and verses on other producers’ beats.

“It’s a celebration of sonic warfare, lyrical combat and macro dub mutations. An intense, uncompromising homage to monolithic sound systems and future shock riddims,” says Martin. “This mix is fueled by my addiction to low frequency soundwaves, MCs spitting fire, and years of collecting 7” 45rpm imports from Jamaica. Enjoy the madness.”

PRESSURE Berlin returns to Gretchen on Oct 4 with The Bug ft. Manga Saint Hilaire, Source Direct and Grandmixxer. PRESSURE Leeds begins at Subdub/West Indian Centre on Oct 6 with The Bug ft. Jamakabi/Manga Saint Hilaire, Mala, Loefah ft. Sgt Pokes and Grandmixxer.

Nazamba’s ‘Vex’ is released this week on the PRESSURE label.


Miss Red – ‘Money Machine’ (Dubplate – DJ Lag)
Trigga – ‘Get Wicked’ (Dubplate – ‘Dagga Riddim’)
Madd Again! – ‘Bawl Out’ (Dub version)
The Bug ft. Daddy Freddy – ‘Ganja Baby’
Miss Red – ‘Deep Space’
Lueke – ‘Champion’ (The Bug edit)
Miss Red – ‘Untitled Dubplate’ (Still ‘Rough Rider Riddim’)
Still – ‘Rough Rider riddim’ (The Bug edit)
Capleton – ‘Slew Dem’ (Dubplate – G36 ‘Vex Riddim’)
Nazamba – ‘Vex’
G36 – ‘Militant’
Untitled – ‘Untitled’
Malleus – ‘Falling Through Inner Earth’
OBF – ‘How You Feel’ (Dub)
Warrior Queen – ‘Killer’ (Dubplate – Coki ‘Earth a Run Red’)
Logos – ‘Glass’ (Boylan Devil Mix)
Jamakabi – ‘How u mean’ Dubplate – The Bug ‘Bad Riddim’)
Manga – ‘Faraway’ (Dubplate – The Bug ‘Bad Riddim’)
Manga – ‘Untitled’ (Dubplate – Roll Deep ‘Morgue Riddim’)
Shades ft. Killa P – ‘Alarma’
Miss Red – ‘War’ (Duplate – Zonal ‘Untitled 1’)
Mala – ‘Changes’ (James Blake remix)
XXXtentacion – ‘Look At Me’
Miss Red – ‘Dagga’ (Dubplate – Lenky ‘Diwali riddim’)
Mark Pritchard – ‘Bazooka riddim’
Aidonia – ‘Ukku bit’
Miss Red – ‘Shock Out’ (Dubplate – ‘Anger Management Riddim’)
Stush – ‘Dollar Sign’ (‘Chrome Riddim’)
The Bug – ‘Krak Teng Riddim’
Massive Attack ft. Horace Andy – ‘Angel’ (Blur remix)
Salaam Remi – ‘Acid Hall Riddim’
Ron Morelli – ‘Gathering together’ (The Bug Edit)
G36 – ‘No Escape’
Trisicloplox – ‘Accursed Limbs’
Flowdan – ‘Bad’ (Dubplate – The Bug ‘WAR Riddim’)
Jamakabi – ‘Wickedest Ting’ (Dubplate – The Bug ‘One Shot Killer Riddim’)
Ricky Ranking – ‘Tonite’ (Dubplate – The Bug ‘Poison Dart riddim’)
Scientist – ‘Dangerous Match 1’
G36 – ‘Black Mass’
JK Flesh – ‘In the Pit’
Zonal – ‘Untitled 2’
Jon E Cash ft. Trigga/Killa P – ‘Hoods Up Dub’ (Sam Binga/Chimpo remix)
AMIT – ‘Red flag’
Miss Red – ‘Memorial day’ (Dubplate – Flame 1 ‘Fog’)
Yabby you – ‘Beware Dub’
Lynval Thompson – ‘Natty Dread a Guh Pressure Dem’
Barry Brown – ‘Cool Pon Your Dub’
Jacob miller – ‘Ghetto on Fire’
Scientist – ‘He Can Surely Turn the Tide’
Norris Reid – ‘Jah World Dub’
Barrington Levy – ‘Robin Hood’
Phillip Fulwood – ‘I Gave You My Word’
Annette Brissett – ‘Betrayed’

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