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The 50 worst record sleeves of 2012

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    22 Nov 2012
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    End of 2012
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As November turns into December, and end of year-mania sweeps this website and others, we’re easing you in with some of the less high-pressure end of year features.

Today, we kick things off with a collection of 2012′s worst sleeve art. Before you take offense, remember: we’re petty, picky bastards here at FACT, and there’s no such thing as an objectively bad piece of album artwork (well, maybe that Whistla one). Often, it can be one little thing that sets you off about a sleeve – a misuse of font, unnecessary air-brushing, an ill-advised colour scheme, or just an erect penis masquerading as high art – but each of these has, for some reason or other, caused offense to members of our staff this year. Here they are in all their garish glory, in alphabetical order.

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