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Deep Inside: November 2019’s must-hear house and techno

With hundreds of records released each week, it’s difficult to keep track of what’s going on in dance music. Thankfully, FACT’s Deep Inside playlist delivers all of our favorite house, techno, electro, disco and rave tracks from the past month straight to your ears.

In this month’s playlist, there’s big new tracks from Blawan, Anastasia Kristensen and Midland, as well as a highlights from the ace new album from Relaxer, Coconut Grove, and Joy Orbison’s phenomenal new EP on Hinge Finger.

Other highlights include killer debuts from Two Finger on Livity Sound and Kerrie on Don’t Be Afraid, a gnarly bass-heavy crusher from Herron, and standout tracks from Bella Boo, Sleep D, Leif and RIP Swirl.

Listen to all that plus music from Nikki Nair, Sim Hutchins, J Chrysalis, Yak, Void, Void Komplet on the fledgling Natural Frequency label and more via Spotify or Apple Music below, and subscribe to the playlists to get fresh selections direct, every month. Buy the tracks via Buy Music Club.


Bella Boo – ‘Can’t Leave You like This’ [Studio Barnhus]
Ex-Terrestrial – ‘Current Location’ [NAFF Recordings]
Two Shell – ‘Heart Piece’ [Livity Sound]
J Chrysalis – ‘A Kind Robin’ [Blank Mind]
Void Complet – ‘Step Out’ [Natural Frequency]
Yak – ‘Zip’ [Phonica Records]
Even Tuell – ‘Rise March Mellow’ [Workshop]
Relaxer – ‘Serpent In The Garden’ [Avenue 66]
Joy Orbison – ‘Burn’ (ft. Infinite & Mansur Brown) [Hinge Finger]
Herron – ‘Billy’s Walk Home’ [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
Blawan – ‘Many Many Pings’ [TERNESC]
Anastasia Kristensen – ‘Maxima’ [Houndstooth]
Midland – ‘Play It as It Lays’ [Graded]
Ahadadream – ‘Melty’ [R&S]
Nikki Nair – ‘Low Dimension’ [Gobstopper]
Kerrie – ‘Before Calm’ [Don’t Be Afraid]
Obelus – ‘Scale Reference’ [Downwards]
Sleep D – ‘Central’ [Incienso]
Sim Hutchins – ‘(Let’s) Find Love In The Club’ [Local Action]
Leif – ‘Igam-Ogam’ [Livity Sound]
RIP Swirl – ‘Noseblunt’ [Public Possession]

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