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Deep Inside: September 2019’s must-hear house and techno

With hundreds of records released each week, it’s difficult to keep track of what’s going on in dance music. Thankfully, FACT’s Deep Inside playlist delivers all of our favorite house, techno, electro, disco and rave tracks from the past month straight to your ears.

This month’s selections are headed up with tracks from two of the year’s best albums: Utility, Barker’s excursion into trance-inducing techno, and Octo Octa’s joyous LP of breakbeat house, Resonant Body.

Other highlights include jungle and UKG experiments from J. Albert, dub styles from Topdown Dialectic, electro from Delta Funktionen and Biochip alongside unclassifiable grooves from Joe, rRoxymore and BFTT.

Listen to all that plus tracks from AceMo, Wbeeza, Rrose, Project Pablo, Johanna Knutsson and more via Spotify or Apple Music below, and subscribe to the playlists to get fresh selections direct, every month. Buy the tracks via Buy Music Club.


Barker – ‘Utility’ [Ostgut Ton]
Project Pablo – ‘Sofware’ [Verdicchio Music Publishing]
Wbeeza – ‘Bodyman (Wbeeza Spectral Cut)’ [pFlymusic]
J. Albert – ‘Paradolia’ [Hypercolour]
Topdown Dialectic – ‘A1’ [Peak Oil]
Joe – ‘Get Centred’ [Cómeme]
rRoxymore – ‘Passages’ [Don’t Be Afraid]
Johanna Knutsson – ‘Hassel’ [Oscillate Tracks]
AceMo – ‘Ace’s Acid’ [self-released]
Random XS – ‘Give Your Body (Delta Funktionen 3AM Mix) [Delsin]
Shadowax – ‘Ochen’ [трип]
Loom – ‘Illegal Dave (Fuck the Council)’ [NOTTH]
Leonce – ‘Ricochet’ [Morph Tracks]
Octo Octa – ‘Spin Girl, Let’s Activate!’ [T4T LUV NRG]
Bochum Welt – ‘THR (Dance Mix)’ [CPU Records]
Marie Davidson – ‘Chasing The Light’ [Ninja Tune]
Biochip – ‘Simulated Events’ [CPU Records]
BFTT – ‘I’ [Gobstopper Records]
Rrose – ‘Columns’ [Eaux]

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