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Deep Inside: October 2019’s must-hear house and techno

With hundreds of records released each week, it’s difficult to keep track of what’s going on in dance music. Thankfully, FACT’s Deep Inside playlist delivers all of our favorite house, techno, electro, disco and rave tracks from the past month straight to your ears.

This month’s playlist kicks off with a taste of cult New York producer Galcher Lustwerk’s new album for Ghostly International and makes its way through upcoming releases from Denis Sulta and Detroit veteran Waajeed.

Other highlights include India Jordan’s suitably titled ‘WARPER’, an inspired collaboration between Call Super and Parris, Aurora Halal’s first solo release in four years and freaky grooves from H_FUSION on The Death of Rave.

Listen to all that plus tracks from Jas Shaw, Ben Ritz, AQXDM, Special Request, Tribe of Colin, Complete Walkthru, Romaal Kultan and more via Spotify or Apple Music below, and subscribe to the playlists to get fresh selections direct, every month. Buy the tracks via Buy Music Club.


Galcher Lustwerk – ‘Cig Angel’ [Ghostly International]
Complete Walkthru – ‘Lean In’ [Numbers]
Stump Valley – ‘Proletarians in Space’ [Dekmantel]
H-FUSION – ‘Entity 11’ [The Death of Rave]
Romaal Kultan – ‘High and Mighty’ [YAM Recordings]
Molinaro – ‘Pneuma’ [Apron Records]
Jas Shaw – ‘Non-Caring Fabulousness’ [Delicacies]
Waajeed – ‘Let Your Love ft. Ideeyah, Desean Jones & Khristian Foreman’ [Deviation]
Denis Sulta – ‘Matthew Keeps Me Pirrie’ [Ninja Tune]
Tribe of Colin – ‘Alan’ [Honest Jon’s]
DJs Pareja – ‘Filtro’ [Honey Soundsystem Records]
Bakongo – ‘Goulbap’ [Dnuos Ytivil]
Piezo – ‘Waco’ [Wisdom Teeth]
Walton – ‘Rolla’ [Ilian Tape]
Air Max ’97 – ‘Ice Bridge’ [Timedance]
Mor Elian – ‘Radical Spectacular’ [Fever AM]
Call Super & Parris – ‘Chiseler’s Rush’ [Self-released]
Love Letters – ‘CMB’ [The Bunker New York]
Aurora Halal – ‘Liquiddity’ [Mutual Dreaming Recordings]
India Jordan – ‘WARPER’ [Local Action]
Mella Dee – ‘Techno Belter’ [Warehouse Music]
Ben Ritz – ‘Trope Insurance’ [Sweat Equity]
Ronan – ‘Star Fissure’ [Planet Euphorique]
Paula Temple – ‘Berlin (SØS Gunver Ryberg remix) [Noise Manifesto]
AQXDM – ‘Infrared’ [Houndstooth]
Special Request – ‘Shepperton Moon Landing’ [Houndstooth]

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