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Deep Inside: April 2019’s must-hear house and techno playlist

With hundreds of records released each week, it’s difficult to keep track of what’s going on in dance music. Thankfully, FACT’s Deep Inside playlist delivers all of our favorite house, techno, electro, disco and rave tracks from the past month straight to your ears.

As we head into spring, this summer’s ‘big tunes’ are starting to make themselves known: over the past month, Peggy Gou, Palms Trax, Kornél Kovács and HAAi all released music you can expect to be hearing a lot of on the dancefloors and boat parties of the upcoming festival season.

However, this month also brought plenty of under-the-radar gems from Anz, Sage Caswell, Bézier, Norken, Sansibar, Savile and fresh Australian talent Andy Garvey, whose acid-flecked 12″ for Lobster Theremin is the perfect companion to Justin Cudmore’s crushing 303 jam ‘Are You Ready’.

As well as this, the past four weeks brought us great music from Max D, whose new album on 1432R comes highly recommended, Jayda G, Antinote regular D.K., Tyler Dancer, Sissel Wincent and more.

Listen to April’s picks via Spotify or Apple Music below and subscribe to the playlists to get fresh selections direct, every month. Buy the tracks via Buy Music Club.


Kilchofer & Anklin – ‘Flor’ [Marionette]
Jayda G – ‘Unifying The Center’ (Abstract) [Ninja Tune]
Max D – Fly Around The Room [1432R]
Norken – Arp Galaxy [Third Ear Recordings]
AFK & Bludwork – Stuffed Crust [100% Silk]
Bézier – ‘孔廟’ [Honey Soundsystem]
D.K. – ‘Mystic Warrior’ [Antinote]
Sage Caswell – ‘KC Jumper’ [2MR]
Anz – ‘No Harm’ [2 B REAL]
Kornél Kovács – ‘Rocks’ [Studio Barnhus]
Peggy Gou – ‘Starry Night’ [Gudu Records]
Palms Trax – ‘Love In Space’ [Dekmantel]
Tyler Dancer – ‘Shiva’s Hands’ – [Don’t Be Afraid]
Roza Terenzi – ‘3.I.Y’ [Dekmantel]
HAAi – ‘It’s Something We Can All Learn From’ [Coconut Beats]
Andy Garvey – ‘Eternal Recurrence’ [Lobster Theremin]
Justin Cudmore – ‘Are You Ready’ [The Bunker NY]
Sissel Wincent – ‘Flood On Drizzle’ [Rösten]
Savile – ‘Abolish All Police’ [Self-released]
Sansibar – ‘White Swan’ [Natural Sciences]
VC-118A – ‘PCB’ [Delsin]
Plant43 – ‘Lo-res Dreams’ [CPU Records]

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