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The 10 best releases of 2012 that we missed, and you might have too

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    29 Jan 2013
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Every December we at FACT compile our lists of the best tracks and albums of the year gone by.

We do our damnedest to make sure that these lists are as comprehensive and accurate as they possibly can be. But, as the unfailingly polite readers that inhabit our comment sections never tire of pointing out, FACT is not infallible. Many records, be they commercial big-hitters or under-the-radar concerns, are excluded deliberately, but every year a handful of releases that really should have been in those lists manage somehow to slip through the net.

Often it’s because the record or download in question came out in December, i.e. too late to be properly considered for inclusion; in other cases they came out earlier in the year and simply passed us by. And then there are those pieces of music that we heard, enjoyed, and promptly forgot about, only to find ourselves returning to them repeatedly over time, finding more to admire.

Over the following pages we highlight 2012′s 10 that got away.

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