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Stalkers! White knights! Blood robots!: August’s ten must-hear reissues and retrospectives

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Thanks to the graft of reissue labels and canny collectors, there’s an embarrassment of neglected, forgotten or misunderstood material being unearthed week by week

The volume of new-old music doesn’t outpace new-new music, of course, but it’s not too far behind either. With so many more archival releases turning up on shelves, we’ve worked though the stacks to pick our 10 favourite reissues and retrospectives of the last month.

Among the August harvest: heartstopping girl-group delights from the house of Hazlewood; turn-of-the-1990s acid magic, courtesy of Thomas P. Heckmann; a dawn raid on the ECM archives; and, praise be, Robbie Basho’s impossibly wonderful Visions Of The Country. Prepare to greet some old acquaintances, and make a few new ones to boot.

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