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Eric Copeland

“All of this will fade away”: Ron Morelli and Eric Copeland discuss L.I.E.S., <em>Logo My Ego</em> and 15 years of friendship
A wide-ranging discussion between two underground lynchpins. Earlier this year, Ron Morelli announced plans to release Eric Copeland’s Logo My Ego, a five-track mini-album with the warped gro [...]
Eric Copeland links up with L.I.E.S. for <em>Logo My Ego</em>; stream ‘Uncle Sams Blues’ now
Eric Copeland links up with L.I.E.S. for Logo My Ego; stream ‘Uncle Sams Blues’ now
16th July 2014 • 
The former Black Dice roller is back with a new album. Prolific experimental artist Eric Copeland is back with the follow-up to last year's Joke in the Hole, a mini-LP entitled Logo My Ego. Des [...]
<I>Joke in the Hole</i>
Joke in the Hole
Words by John Calvert •  13th September 2013 • 
Available on: DFA LP Eric Copeland might well be one half of, er, ‘testing’ experimental act Black Dice, but it's important to remember that the New Yorker also runs in the same circles  [...]
Black Dice’s Eric Copeland announces <em>Joke In The Hole</em> LP for DFA
Black Dice’s Eric Copeland announces Joke In The Hole LP for DFA
29th May 2013 • 
The prolific experimental artist returns to one-time home DFA. Following last year's “funked-up alien comic book” soundtrack Limbo, Copeland will release Joke In The Hole on July 17 via DFA [...]
Black Dice’s Eric Copeland announces new solo album
Black Dice’s Eric Copeland announces new solo album
27th April 2012 • 
Black Dice's wacky Mr Impossible offered one of the year's more madcap listening experiences. Dice roller Eric Copeland is now set to up the freaky count with a new solo LP. The new albu [...]

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