Tomorrow night, The Upfront Project will host an enviable gathering of producers and DJs.

Vauxhall’s The Lightbox will host the ever precise Mike Dehnert, who’ll be bringing some Berlin muscle to South London for the evening. The Fachwerk boss is now a seasoned old hand, and will no doubt be keeping things 4/4 and forceful throughout. Joining him is another long-timer, Lowtec: with releases dating back to the late Nineties, the Workshop boss is well-practised at twisting techno into unusual new shapes (something last year’s incredible ‘Darrynane’ demonstrated with aplomb).

Boxcutter, recently spotted moonlighting as The Host, will be stopping by, as will rapidly rising talent South London Ordnance. Further acts include goldFFinch, Handbook and Morris Cowan, and there’s also a special guest headliner yet to be announced.

The night takes place from 10.00pm until 6.00am. Tickets and further information are available from the Upfront Project website.



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