Here’s a very special proposition: Bollywood composer Charanjit Singh is heading to London to perform his seminal electronic masterpiece Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat.

Made back in 1982, the LP is regarded as the first record to combine a Roland TB-303 and TR-808, providing a template for acid house’s distinctive sound palette. Considering that most people pinpoint the birth of acid to Phuture’s 1987 classic ‘Acid Tracks’, it’s a startlingly prescient LP – knotty, intricate and, perhaps inadvertently, remarkably forward thinking.

On November 2, Singh will perform live at The Shacklewell Arms, courtesy of promoters Huntleys & Palmers. Singh will be using the same set-up – TB303, TR-808 and Jupiter-8 keyboard – used on the record. “Suitable support” is promised.The night runs from 8.00pm until 11.00pm; tickets are available here. Singh will subsequently reprise the peformance at Glasgow’s La Cheetah on November 3, with Auntie Flo and Esa also on the bill; head here for details of that date.

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