The formidable MS Stubnitz party boat is hosting a night of raw acid thrills. 

On November 10, the Docklands venue will welcome Ceephax Acid Krew. Andy Jenkinson’s vintage techno project is custom-designed for this sort of affair (he hosted the waltzers at the ill-fated Bloc Festival), and he’ll be bringing his squelchy analogue sensibility to the waves. Ed Upton’s Rephlex-sanctioned DMX Krew project will also be out in full force, and should prove as tough as ever in the setting. Italy’s D’Arcangelo, Roy Of The Ravers (smirk) and DJs from the 030303 crew are also on board. Rival Consoles, Gareth Clarke, Th’Idiot, Rotodrone, Quip and Centrifuge DJs will also appear.

Tickets and further info are available here.

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