Now this is what we’re talking about; Chicago footwork don DJ Earl is set to appear for the first time in the UK this week at Dalston’s Birthdays.

On Friday March 15, House of Trax will be giving Earl the space to tear the Dalston basement a new one with his frenetic blend of double-time 808 rolls and gut-churning bass. Even more interesting is the fact that he’ll be bringing over one of footwork’s finest dancers, Dre from Terror Squad, along for the ride. So picture this; DJ Earl spinning and Dre up front making everyone embarrassed that they’ve even got legs. If that isn’t enough to get you salivating, maybe the inclusion of fellow Teklife feller J-Kush will seal the deal.

For more info head over here.

If you fancy an early taster of what House of Trax have in store, check this killer mix from the gang below.



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