This week’s FACT mix comes from RP Boo, the man credited – by most, these days – with originating the footwork style popularised by DJ Rashad, Spinn et al. 

As Boo, often stylised as Arpebu on his old mixtapes, explained to FACT in a recent in-depth interview, the game-changing 11-47-99′ – usually simply known as the ‘Godzilla track’ – has often been credited to DJ Slugo, who Boo originally wrote the track for. “The track took off”, recalls Boo, “but I never knew about it – Slugo never gave me the reports on how things were going. All that time, he was taking the credit for it – I found out through two of his buddies, like, “Do you realize your Godzilla track is making a lot of noise in Detroit?”. It was travelling across the waters, I had no idea this was going on, I wasn’t gettin’ paid any money.”

Boo eventually received the credit he deserves, and is royalty in the footwork city of Chicago – as Mike Paradinas, whose Planet Mu label has been vital in spreading the footwork bug abroad, explains, “everyone [in Chicago] says everyone else outside [their clique] is shit, pretty much, apart from RP Boo”. Mu recently compiled Boo’s greatest hits on a new full-length, Legacy

Boo’s FACT mix is the perfect accompaniment to Legacy, showcasing his ear for hooks and peerless ripples of drums across 18 of his own tracks, with cuts from Rashad (it opens on his fantastic edit of Outkast’s ‘Spottieottiedopaliscious’), Spinn, Traxman and DJ Clent also making appearances.


DJ Rashad – Spotti
RP Boo – Super Bust
DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – 3’4Da 10
RP Boo – Heat From Us
DJ Clent – Drop it Like Its Hot
RP Boo – Banging on King Drive
RP Boo – Bust Down
RP Boo – Aldi’s Women
RP Boo – We’DaPeeBoo
RP Boo – Nightmare
RP Boo – Blow on you
RP Boo – Wild Untrained Rats
RP Boo – Factory Damage
RP Boo – Wet Electricity
RP Boo & Traxman – Lil Ma from the South
RP Boo – Off Da Hook
RP Boo – No Worst
RP Boo – Oldlyvicious
RP Boo – Top Hole
RP Boo – Ike&Tina
RP Boo – Bow-Oh
RP Boo – Juke Squad



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