London's Colony night announce final party featuring Peverelist, Equinox and Sync 21

The London techno institution signs off after five years.

After last week’s 12-hour, three-room takeover of Corsica Studios with fellow promoters Plex and BleeD, London ravemakers Colony have announced that they’re calling it a day. The last ever party will take place next month at The Hive Project in east London, headlined by Bristolian dub/house/techno don Peverelist (above) alongside Equinox, Sync 24S_P_A_C_E_S, Tengui and CB.

An all-night record fare will also be held in honour of Dave Twomey, the DJ and producer who released under the alias Tr nch, who passed away earlier this year.

Colony bosses CB and MB had this to say about their sign-off:

“Five years of promoting is a long, long time, especially in the increasingly hostile, agent-driven, bureaucracy-ridden, knob-riven climate of today’s (ex-) underground club/rave scene,” the promoters said in an email, adding: “It’s simply no longer possible to operate according to the ethos we’ve always believed in.”

The final Colony takes place at The Hive Project in Hackney Wick on Saturday, December 7 – snap up tickets here.



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