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Wait 'Til Night: Cooly G's favourite sex jams

Next month, Hyperdub producer and vocalist Cooly G returns with a new album, Wait ‘Til Night

Described as Cooly’s lo-fi bedroom album, it expands on the understated lust of her debut Playin’ Me, taking equal influence from US r’n’b and reggae soundsystem culture. It’s subtle, it’s slight, but with track titles like ‘So Deep’, ‘Freak You’ and ‘Your Sex’ there’s only one thing on Wait ‘Til Night‘s mind – so we asked Cooly to tell us about her all-time favourite sex jams.

We’re also premiering the aforementioned ‘So Deep’. Check it out below, and turn the page for Cooly’s sex playlist.

Tank – ‘This Is How I Feel’

Cooly: I’m so in love with him right now – when I look at him on the videos, I’m just dribbling. Oh my days – I want him now. In. My. Bed. Now.

I’ve been listening to this on repeat, which is probably quite annoying for people around me, but I don’t care – I’m just singing this all day long, acting like I’m on stage doing it and shit.

TGT – ‘Weekend Love’

Cooly: When I first heard this, it was a chopped and screwed version, so I only heard it slowed down – really deep voices, really slow. And it was more effective, actually, really sexy. And obviously all of them… well, I don’t like Ginuwine.


Nah, I just don’t like him. His whole persona, I don’t like his face, I don’t like anything about him. He’s not my cup of tea. But the way they battle with the ad libs on this track, and the end of the track, it’s just perfect. And the ‘Weekend Love’ storyline – when I sing it, it’s because the weekend’s the only time I get to have sex, because I’m too busy in the week.

Some of Tyrese’s stuff’s so underrated – even those later records, the Black-Ty stuff, they’re great.

So underrated. And Tank’s underrated too – he’s not massive, loads of people don’t even know him. They should.

En Vogue – ‘Don’t Let Go’

Cooly: When I’m going on stage to do a live show, I sing something like this to warm up my vocals. I like it ’cause it’s the soundtrack to Set It Off too, that helps.

How’s your live show going?

Well I did a DJ set on the boat [at Dimensions Festival], and I mixed some of my album tunes in and started singing over them. It went down so sick, I was so happy. I hyped them up, and then just threw it in, and it really worked. That’s how I’m gonna do it from now. I did a live show in Copenhagen a couple of weeks before, with a live drummer, live synth and stuff, and it was just a lot of hassle. I’m gonna be doing it with a DJ from now on, there’s less that can go wrong.

Donell Jones – ‘No Interruptions’ 

Cooly: I have to big up Donell Jones every time, he’s a big part of why I make tunes. It’s a childhood thing with him. When I found out that he sung and made all his beats, I was well impressed. And ‘No Interruptions’, that’s just where I wanna be with someone. I don’t want anyone to interrupt, I want to just be me and that person, so I can fully get into my fantasy.

It’s easier said than done these days, your Twitter’s always going off.

Fucking emails, it’s a nightmare.

R. Kelly – ‘Sex Me’ Pt 1 & 2

Cooly: Fucking hell. R. Kelly, I’ve loved him from day one and I’m never gonna stop loving him. I’d love to do a tune with him, I always have. I’ve covered some of his songs before, sung on his beats and that. When I hear this tune – when the beat drops on it – I just want to have sex. Just because of that one drop. It’s the sexiest tune, I just love it.

Have you heard the ‘Echo’ Remix, on K. Michelle’s mixtape? They duet, and it’s the sexiest thing ever.

Don’t. I can’t get this worked up, it’s not even 1pm.

Smooth – ‘Undercover Lover’

Cooly: Fuck-ing hell. This just reminds me of being young, them days there. Because I wasn’t really a girl that had boyfriends – I was more like a tomboy, a bad gyal on the roads – when I listened to that tune it was like ‘wow, if I do have a boyfriend it’s got to be undercover’. ‘Cause my dad would go nuts. He’d kick off, so if I had a boyfriend it had to be just like this song – undercover. No one can know. And that beat is so sick as well. Jesus. I’m gonna have to pour some cold water on my raasclart ass to calm down!

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