Ministry of Sound will pay tribute to the Paradise Garage’s iconic DJ this July.

The Larry Levan Birthday Bash has been held in New York since the club’s glory days, but for the first time this year the DJ’s life and legacy will be celebrated in London. Levan himself had connections with Ministry, helping to launch the club in 1990 just a couple of years before his death aged just 38.

The Birthday Bash begins during the day in the Courtyard, moving into The Box at sundown, with resident Garage DJs David DePino and Joey Llanos, a special appearance from dance music pioneer François K, one of the only DJs to maintain a regular spot at Larry’s Saturday Masses, and a daytime disco set from UK duo The 2 Bears.

At night, 103 will hosts ‘Larry’s House’, with British house names connected to or influenced by Levan, including Ministry of Sound’s co-founder Justin Berkmann and M & S’s Ricky Morrison, house originals Heller & Farley, Noel Watson, who brought the sounds of New York and Chicago to London as residents at Delirium in the late 80s, and Jeremy Newall, who worked alongside Levan in London. The Baby Box will host Midnight Riot paying tribute to the DNA of dance with their nu disco, boogie and edits.

The Birthday Bash will be supporting Aids charity GMHC and takes place on Sunday, July 19 at Ministry of Sound with tickets starting at £12 – get tickets from Ministry, EventCube and TicketABC.


The Courtyard 2pm – 9pm/The Box 9pm – Close
Happy Birthday Larry
NYC street food BBQ 2pm – 6pm
Francois Kevorkian
David DePino & Joey Llanos
The 2 Bears (special disco set)

103 4pm – Close
Larry’s House
Heller & Farley
Noel Watson
Jeremy Newall
Justin Berkmann
Ricky Morrison

The Baby Box 6pm – Close
The Sound of Midnight Riot
Yam Who?
Judge Funk
Magnier/House of Disco
Leo Zero



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