The week’s best vinyl: Weatherall returns, Detroit masters, and Beats In Space

Vinyl isn’t going anywhere.

Beloved by crate diggers and new fans alike, the tried-and-tested analogue format is here to stay, with new vinyl releases from independent labels and majors hotting the shelves of record stores across the globe each week.

Every Saturday, the team behind the counter at London’s long-running Phonica Records rifle through the racks and select five vinyl releases you shouldn’t miss.


Andrew Weatherall
Convenenza LP
(Rotters Golf Club)

Limited vinyl version of Weatherall’s latest album, a glance at a cluttered life lived well with the British producer taking it in all at once. We wouldn’t want it any other way.


Delano Smith
From Silence LP

Detroit master Delano Smith lands on Berlin-based Sushitech with five essential cuts bound to be future classics. Vinyl-only release.


Marcellus Pittman
Sneak Attack / Random Acts Of Insanity

Another Detroit master up on the shelf this week, this time with a long-awaited 12″ release of two tracks from Marcellus Pittman’s Pieces album. If you like your house true, look no further.


T & P
Shoot The Freak
(Beats In Space)

Groovy three tracks from Beats In Space boss Tim Sweeney and Phillip Lauer. Written and produced in Lauer’s studio in the German countryside, the 12″ includes freaky acid, smooth house, and sunset chuggers. Artwork by Peter Sutherland.


DJ Katapila
Trotro LP
(Awesome Tapes From Africa)

Another gem from ATFA, this time from Ghana. Katapila blends African and western traditions on Trotro an album full of minimalist dance creations that owe as much to Detroit and Chicago as it does highlife and soca. Vibing.



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