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Phonica’s essential releases of the week: up all night with Bonobo, Midland, and Virginia

Your weekly cheat sheet.

The experts behind the counter of London’s Phonica Records are some of the most dedicated diggers and DJs we know, so every week we tap their insider knowledge to get a tip-off on the latest essential release.

From killer DJ picks and leftfield dance gems to vital reissues and obscurities from around the world, here’s your guide to the best new vinyl on the shelves.


Henri Texier
Les La Bas (Bonobo Remix)
(Ninja Tune)

French jazz musician Henri Texier meets Ninja Tune’s Bonobo for a special 12″ of ‘Les La Bas’, a cut from his 1977 Varech album on which Texier played all instruments. The acoustic and groovy original is included alongside Bonobo’s remix which stretches the song to almost double its length. Ninja’s flagship artist keeps all the groove and happiness of the original and infuses it with a dynamic euphoria. A perfect way to take a classic to a new audience. This 12″ is a Record Store Day exclusive with brand new artwork from Ninja Tune collaborator Leif Podhajsky created with raised varnish studs.


Justin Cudmore
Crystal (Mike Servito & Gunnar Haslam Remixes)
(Honey Soundsystem)

A triple dose of NYC techno courtesy of Honey Soundsystem. Justin Cudmore originates from Springfield, Illinois, where he learnt drums and percussion before marrying his training in jazz with a love of electronic music, new wave and DJing. This debut 12″ brings together his influences and current standing in the Brooklyn circuit. ‘Crystal’ is all acid hypnosis and bouncing grooves with a sample from underground cult film ‘The Queen’ and it comes backed by two remixes from Bunker’s Mike Servito, whose ‘730 Reshape’ teleports us back to the D and the glory days of early 90s bleep, and L.I.E.S’ Gunnar Haslam, who spends 8 minutes strolling down Dekalb Avenue with his modular rig in tow.


Ritmo Echo
(Dopeness Galore)

A five-track heavy dose of sunshine from Munir on Dopeness Galore. Taking a cue from funk, boogie, disco and new age, Ritmo Echo is “underground house music from Indonesia” built on a thick groove and layered with bright chord arrangements, rolling basslines, and guitar licks just the right side of cheesy. You can feel the warmth of the vintage drum machines and synthesizers in every track. A perfect release for the summer.


Funkert / Raverd
(Ostgut Ton)

Munich’s Virginia is an all-round artist – singer, songwriter, DJ, producer – and her latest release for Berghain’s Ostgut Ton label is the first taste of a forthcoming new album, Fierce For The Night. ‘Funkert’ leads on the A-side with instantly memorable vocals and solid song writing woven around house and techno aesthetics, the kind of feel good track that you could easily see riding the charts. ‘Raverd’ on the flip repeats the formula with a more apparent Detroit mood to the backing track. Both cuts come with dub versions, which are essential on their own.


Regelbau, Maizena, C.K & Timeman
Regelbau 04

Regelbau are “11 guys from Aarhus, Denmark. Playing records and hosting parties.” They also release records, light on details but heavy on quality. Their latest 12″ dishes out four cuts from C.K & Timeman, Optic, DJ Sports, and Maizena built for the dancefloor but with a light touch, making them just as well fitted to evenings warm ups as to late night excursions.


Blush EP

Ever shape-shifting, Midland returns to his own Graded label with a three-track EP of club music that stands firmly on the sides and will please those seeking unconventional dancefloor escapades. The title track was unveiled on Boiler Room last year and left many wanting more with its careful game of tension and release. It is accompanied on vinyl by another two tracks that take you deeper into the night with intricate drum programming and expansive sounds.



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