The 200MB library includes vintage sounds from Roland, Korg, Casio and more.

Drum samples are easy to come by on the internet, but you’d struggle to find a collection that’s as comprehensive as Autodafe’s pack that includes 150 vintage drum machines.

The 200MB library features well known models such as Roland’s TR-808 and Korg Minipops alongside less famous machines such as the Cheetah SpecDrum, BME Rattlesnake and Sakata DPM48.

As the description explains, the samples aren’t new, but have instead been collected over the years and organised with custom graphics and mappings for NI’s Kontakt software.

If you want to use the fully mapped versions you’ll need the full version of Kontakt, but the folder also includes the individual samples if you want to use them in Ableton Live’s Drum Rack or Maschine.

The Mega Drum Machine Collection is available for free here, but Autodafe suggests giving a small donation of $5 via PayPal.

If you need more software to go with the samples, check FACT’s list of the best free music software. [via CDM]

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