Get an affordable version of Moog‘s classic polyphonic synth for Live.

Moog’s polyphonic Memorymoog synth is revered as one of the company’s best instruments, but since it was discontinued in 1985 you’ll have to pay several thousand dollars to buy one second hand.

However, if you want the sound of the Memorymoog without breaking the bank, Expanding Sound has sampled the classic synth for a set of 24 Ableton Live instruments that costs only $10.

According to the description, “the leads are huge, the pads are massive, and the bass is monstrous.” This was achieved by recording the synth in unison mode, which stacks several of its 18 oscillators on top of each other for bigger sounds.

The pack also includes an Ableton Live audio effect rack that’s been tailored for the Memorymoog instruments. You can hear the instruments in action via the YouTube video below.

You can grab the pack from Expanding Sound, which also offers Ableton Live instrument versions of the Korg Minilogue, Yamaha CS1X and Korg DS-8. It’s currently $5 for a limited time, or $10 after that. [via Synthtopia]

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