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Watch Make Noise’s new Morphagene tape music module at NAMM 2017

The modular company’s latest device lets you record, splice and layer sound.

Make Noise is one of many companies from the modular synth world with new gear to show off at NAMM 2017 this year, and its forthcoming Morphagene module looks set to be a must-have item for Eurorack fans.

Taking its cues from Make Noise’s Phonogene module, Morphagene is described as a “microsound and tape music module” that can capture, process and regenerate sounds from inside and outside your modular system.

FACT visited Make Noise’s booth at NAMM 2017 to get a full demonstration of Morphagene’s capabilities, where they took a vocal sample of the late Pauline Oliveros and showed how the module can record, splice and layer sound to create unique textures.

Make Noise’s Morphagene will be available in March for $529. Find out more at the Make Noise website, and look out for more of FACT’s coverage from NAMM 2017 this week.

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