It contains professional violin, viola, cello and bass sections for use in your own productions.

If you’ve ever been jealous of the kind of strings heard on music by Radiohead and Jonny Greenwood, then you’re in luck: Spitfire Audio is releasing a new sample pack recorded by regular collaborators the London Contemporary Orchestra.

As well as contributing strings to A Moon Shaped Pool and Greenwood scores such as The Master, the LCO have also worked with Mica Levi, Actress and Frank Ocean, providing the strings for last year’s Blonde track ‘Seigfried’.

The pack contains multi-sampled violin, viola, cello and bass sections, designed for use with Native Instruments’ free Kontakt Player. It also contains a “Detuned Open String’ instrument capable of creating sounds that would be impossible in real life.

Released on February 23, the London Contemporary Orchestra Strings pack doesn’t come cheap. It costs $279/£239 until March 9 only, after which it goes up to $349/£249. Find out more at the Spitfire Audio website.

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