One Thing sees artists such as Daedelus offer personal tips for making music.

Ableton has launched a series of artist-led videos that the company hopes will help musicians find musical inspiration when they’re stuck in a creative rut.

Titled One Thing, the series sees musicians such as Daedelus and Kyoka sharing studio tricks and tips they use when they find themselves stuck for ideas. Ableton hopes artists at home will be able to use this advice to kickstart their own tracks.

For example, Daedelus explains how important he finds moving to the rhythm when he makes music, while Berlin artist Catnapp suggests searching through the presets to find the sounds you wouldn’t usually use to start a new track.

Ableton currently has 13 videos available to watch at the One Thing microsite, but it will be adding a new film every month. The company hopes it the videos will be watched by both experienced and novice producers.

One Thing is the latest Ableton project aimed at stimulating creativity in its users. In 2015, it published a book of creative strategies for musicians and launched its own music-making summit called Loop.

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