Its video game-style interface can even power your hardware synths.

The iPhone already has plenty of all-in-one music-making apps, but Seaquence is probably the only one that combines a DAW with an aquarium.

Swimming around the screen are sea creatures, whose musical phrases can only be heard when they swim into view, creating a spatialized mix of music. You can tap on each to adjust the notes like you would an Ableton clip, and send them on their way.

Released yesterday (March 14), Seaquence began life as a Flash project back in 2010. On iOS, it features the same fun, inviting interface, but packs a lot more power under the hood than you’d expect.

As well as allowing you to change the musical key and note positions, you can even modify the envelope and change waveform. If you pay the full $6.99, you can get access to features such as BPM, filter, swing, glide, delay and monophonic voices.

The full version of Seaquence features support for MIDI, which means that if you’ve got the correct dongle, you could use it to control your hardware (or software) drum machines and synths. Below is what happens when it’s paired with Moog’s Model 15 app.

You can pick up Seaquence from the App Store now. It’s available for free with limited features unlocked, but the full version is $6.99. [via CDM]

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