Bitwig Studio 2.1 adds new Amp device and more MIDI tools

One of the year’s most exciting pieces of music software gets more toys to play with.

Bitwig has announced the first major update for its Bitwig Studio 2 software.

Bitwig Studio 2.1 comes shortly after the release of Bitwig Studio 2, and features a new effect called Amp as well as additional tools for using MIDI.

According to Bitwig, Amp can be used to add some “virtual analog grit” to any sound. It has pre and post sections with individual EQs and a drive section that simulates a cabinet.

There are also three new MIDI tools: MIDI clock slave for syncing to software and hardware clocks, MIDI channel filter for filtering out notes and data, and MIDI channel mapper for remapping channels.

It also includes a new soundpack from Irrupt featuring sounds made with Eurorack modular synths, including bass and melodic loops as well as five drum machine kits.

The update will bolster what is already an impressive software studio, which has features its competitors don’t: the ability to control modular synths and a set of modulator plug-ins.

Bitwig Studio 2.1 will be a free update for existing users. It will be available in late April, or you can sign up to the beta now.

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