A classic filter comes to Eurorack.

Canadian modular company System80 has released a new filter module for Eurorack systems inspired by the filter from Roland’s vintage Jupiter-6 synth.

The Jupiter-6 was introduced in 1983 as less expensive version of the Jupiter-8, but is sought after for its distinctive filter. It was also one of the first synths in the world to support MIDI.

Jove isn’t a direct clone of the multimode filter but a “faithful interpretation” that uses a slightly different amplifier (the original is no longer being manufactured).

According to Gearnews, Jove features the original Jupiter-6 filter modes of low, band and high, but also a two-pole low pass mode that sounds like the filter from its predecessor, the Jupiter-8.

Jove isn’t the first time System80 has looked to classic Roland gear for inspiration. Earlier this year, the fledgling Canadian company announced an ambitious clone of the TR-808 drum machine for Eurorack.

The module is a compact 14HP in size and is available now for $240 from the System80 website. Listen to audio demos of the filter below.

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