Instant synth nostalgia.

SampleScience has released an affordable new plug-in inspired by Boards of Canada.

Hexagon Sky is a sample-based instrument with 101 presets that are also inspired by the woozy, nostalgic synth sounds of artists like Lone, Com Truise and Tycho.

As well as analog synth tones, pads, strings and electric piano, Hexagon Sky has the sound of acoustic instruments sampled from documentaries in the public domain.

This retro plug-in will help you sound like Boards of Canada

It allows you to mix up to four layers of sound to get unique textures, with main and sub oscillators able to blend with two layers of field recordings. There’s also lo-fi sound options, with controls for adding vinyl, cassette, VHS and tape noise.

Hexagon Sky is available now from SampleScience for $29.99. Listen to audio demos below. [via Synthtopia]

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