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FACT mix 598: Delia Gonzalez

Disco and minimalism from a DFA favorite.

Cuban-American artist Delia Gonzalez may be a DFA Records veteran, but she’s still the New York label’s best-kept secret.

In 2005, she collaborated with synth wizard Gavin Russom on The Days of Mars, an album that combined the hypnotic minimalism of Terry Riley with Klaus Schulze’s pulsating analog kosmische. After its release however, the collaboration went dormant (2010’s ‘Track 5’ was recorded alongside The Days of Mars), and Gonzalez focused on other artistic disciplines as Russom pursued a solo career.

A decade on, Gonzalez is releasing music once again. Just two years after 2015’s solo piano album In Remembrance, she’s back with Horse Follows Darkness, a Western-influenced LP whose musical reference points include Erik Satie, Su Tissue and krautrock legends Neu!, Cluster and Harmonia.

Gonzalez takes the same wide-ranging approach on her FACT mix, mixing a minimalist classic from Charlemagne Palestine, dark synth-pop from Chris & Cosey and Arthur Russell with the music of her Cuban heritage and a host of disco rarities. It’s a set that illuminates Gonzalez’s past musical projects as much as her new album, and is guaranteed to send you down a day-long Discogs wormhole.


Su Tissue – ‘Salon de Musique’
Charlemagne Palestine – ‘Sliding Fifths’
Celina y Reutilio – ‘A Santa Bárbara (Viva Changó)’
La Lupe – ‘Te Voy A Contar Mi Vida’
Iris Chacón – ‘Si Tu Boquita Fuera’
Lizzy Mercier Descloux – ‘Fire’
Lime – ‘Babe, We’re Gonna Love Tonight’
Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch – ‘Superman’
Love & Kisses – ‘How Much, How Much I Love You’
Tantra – ‘Hills Of Katmandu’
Dinosaur L – ‘Go Bang! #5’
René et Gaston – ‘Vallée des Larmes’
Tone of Arc – ‘Goodbye Horses’
Chris & Cosey – ‘October (Love Song)’



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