Classic drum machine sounds for the stage.

Roland has launched a set of electronic pads that give live drummers the ability to use sounds from the company’s iconic TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines in their performances.

The SPD::ONE range consists of four pedals: Kick, Electro, Percussion and WAV Pad. The Kick features plenty of kick drums (including a “TR Kick”), but also an ankle bracelet and other sounds that can be triggered with your foot.

The Percussion and Electro are both geared towards percussive sounds, but the Electro includes samples from the 808 and 909 drum machines such as rim shots, claps and snares.

Finally, the WAV Pad allows you to import your own samples by simply dragging and dropping from your computer. The Kick, Percussion and Electro also allow user sounds to be uploaded (and they have built-in delay and reverb), but the WAV Pad’s 4GB of storage is more versatile, allowing you to play click tracks or entire backing tracks stored on the device.

Each pad can be powered by plugging it into the mains or with four AA batteries. They also have mounting adaptors included in the box, so you can fix them easily to a drum kit or microphone stand.

According to CDM, the Kick, Percussion and Electro will cost $250/€255 each, with the WAV Pad priced at $300/€309.

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