A new app for patching on the move.

A new virtual modular synth called Ripplemaker has been released for iPhone and iPad.

Developed by Bram Bos, the brain behind TB-303 iOS clone Troublemaker, the synth is inspired by the West Coast synthesis method made famous by the late Don Buchla.

According to the app’s description, the synth’s modules (which include oscialltor, FM, mathematical utilities and slope generator) are designed for “exploration and experimentation”.

The app has been designed for all ability levels, with pre-wired modules that can then be patched however you like. It also features a built-in sequencer with random pattern generator for getting started quickly.

Other features include support for Ableton Link along with WAV and MIDI file export. It’s available now from the App Store for $8.99/£8.99. [via Synthtopia]

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