Complete with virtual patch cables.

Max for Cats has made a new semi-modular synth for Ableton Live called Pallas.

The Max for Live device features a patchable interface at the bottom, allowing you to create a web of virtual cables without cluttering the main display. However, unlike Max for Cats’ semi-modular FM synth, Bengal, Pallas uses analog-modelling technology to create “raw and authentic analog sounds”.

Max For Cats has also designed the interface to be as accessible as possible to newcomers, with input and output sockets represented by circles and squares to avoid confusion as to what goes where.

As for the sound engine, Pallas has eight voices of polyphony, three oscillators, two filters, two LFOs and a step sequencer that can generate random patterns and function as a signal modulator. It also features a built-in effects section with control over delay, distortion, reverb, wavefold, frequency shift, and chorus.

Pallas also has assignable macro settings that can be controlled remotely by any device on the same network with access to a web browser, such as an iPad or iPhone.

Pallas is available from the Ableton website for €49 (approximately $55). Earlier this year, Ableton released a new Live Pack called Beat Tools, featuring drum racks and effects aimed at hip-hop beatmakers.

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