Learn from the modular experts.

Hackney Wick-based synth store London Modular – the shop of choice for Radiohead and Aphex Twin – is running a four-week training course for anyone that wants to learn how to use a modular synthesizer.

The £250 course covers everything you need to know about modular synthesis, from control voltage and signal routing to patching your own synth. You don’t need to own a modular to take part, and London Modular will supply all the cables you need.

The course starts on August 1 at the Hackney Wick store, with each session lasting four hours and broken into two sections: a lecture and demonstration, and a practical lesson. Each class is arranged by ability, with no more than three participants in each. The sessions will also close with a Q&A session.

Visit the London Modular website to find out more and watch a documentary on the store below.

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