A simple new synth for NI’s popular beat-making tool.

Native Instruments has added a monophonic bass synth plug-in to its Maschine software as part of a free update.

The popular beat-making software already has a drum synth that can be used to create everything from dusty kicks to razor-sharp hi-hats, but the new synth will give users a new option for crafting basslines.

According to NI, the new plug-in allows you to morph between sine, saw and square waves “and all spots in between” or choose from presets that give you ready-made sub-bass and acid patches.

Owners of the Maschine Jam controller can also make use of the bass synth’s glide mode from the hardware, which allows for the creation of 303-style acid lines.

NI already has synths like Monark and Massive that are widely used for bass sounds, but the new Maschine bass synth is being pitched by the company as a simpler tool for musicians with a limited knowledge of synthesis.

The Maschine 2.6.8 update also adds an isomorphic keyboard mode to the Maschine Jam, which should make it easier to play melodies and chords, which now have their own shapes (outlined in a handy guide).

Maschine owners can download the update through Native Access. It’s the latest in a slew of updates for the software, which recently got a new Live-style Ideas View and the ability to use hardware synths like plug-ins.

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