An expansion pack called Current has also been released.

LA-based music software specialist Output has updated its Movement plug-in to version 1.1, adding a clutch of new features that make the unique rhythmic tool even more fun to use.

Released in 2016, Movement uses a combination of delay, reverb, LFO, distortion, filter, EQ compression and step sequencing to add cool rhythmic variation to any audio input. For example, you can give a synth chord a stuttering effect, or turn a simple drum loop into a complex polyrhythmic pattern.

The new update adds several key features: a reverse delay, hi-pass and low-pass EQ mode, faster load time and lighter CPU load. The reverse delay is probably going to be the most widely used new feature, offering up some very unusual sounds.

Output has also launched Current, a new expansion pack for Movement that adds 100 new presets for $35. These cover “atmospheric ripples, undulating swells and endless ebb and flow”, and audio demos suggesting they’ll be good for anyone wanting to add dubby atmospheres to their tracks.

Movement 1.1 is available as a free download to owners of the plug-in, which costs $149 from the Output website. The company recently moved into hardware, with the release of a desk for musicians called Platform.

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