Iota is a fresh take on the sampler.

Los Angeles musician and programmer Dillon Bastan has created a unique new granular instrument for Ableton Live that allows you to create lots of tiny loops from just one sample.

Iota allows different spectral regions inside samples to be “windowed”, meaning that you can create whole glitchy soundscapes from a single region of audio.

The plug-in allows you to control the loops using Ableton’s Push controller or a MIDI keyboard. You can get a feel for how it works with the video below.

Iota is offering something pretty unique in a sampler, especially if you’re used to making music with Live’s bundled plug-ins. It costs just €29 from the Ableton store, though you’ll need both Live and Max for Live to run it.

It’s not the only unique tool to have been released by Ableton in recent months. In July, the company shared a MIDI pattern generator for Live designed by Ninja Tune founders Coldcut.

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