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The popular programming language, widely used by musicians, gets an update next year.

Following Ableton’s announcement of Live 10 yesterday (November 2), Max developer Cycling ’74 has announced that the latest version of its software will arrive in the second quarter of 2018.

One of the big features from Ableton’s Live 10 announcement was that Max for Live – the toolkit based on Cycling ’74’s Max platform – will be fully integrated inside Live 10. According to Cycling ’74, the new Max for Live uses an early version of Max 8.

“During the Live 10 beta period, we chose to provide Ableton with a preliminary version of Max 8 whose user-facing features are identical to Max 7 but which contains many changes under the hood,” the company says in a statement. “By doing this, we hope to get a lot of testing on these changes as part of our Max 8 development project.”

For anyone worried about compatibility across different versions, Cycling ’74 says the version of Max 8 bundled inside Live 10 “will not affect your use of either Max 7 or Max for Live in older versions of Live”. No further details of what to expect from Max 8 have been revealed, but anyone who buys a full version or upgrade to Max 7 from today will receive an upgrade to Max 8 for free when it’s released.

Earlier this year, Ableton acquired Cycling ’74 with the aim of increasing collaboration between the two teams. Max for Live has been available since 2009, allowing Live users  to build their own software instruments, effects, sequencers and more.

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