Bring a taste of the Scottish landscape to your modular synth.

Eurorack company Expert Sleepers has released a limited edition version of its popular Disting MK4 module inspired by the Scottish highlands.

The module – which features a faceplate designed by artist Andrew Beltran intended to look like a topographical map of the Scottish highlands – has been made to celebrate both the company’s recent move to Scotland and its new distribution partnership with Glasgow’s Rubadub store.

Expert Sleepers/Rubadub Disting MK4

Disting, which was first released in 2014, is one of Eurorack’s most popular multi-function modules. Its CPU allows it to pack in over 80 functions into 4HP of space – including LFO, oscillator, delays and filters – while the SD card slot on the MK4 model allows it to work as a CV-controlled sampler.

The limited edition Disting MK4 is available from Rubadub now for £139. According to the store, each module will ship with “some very special Scottish gifts”.

Watch a video demo of the module from Loopop below.



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