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Moog House of Electronicus 2019 in photos

At the end of January, the employee owners at Moog Music traveled from their home base in Asheville, NC to Los Angeles, transforming the historic Kim Sing Theatre’s “Good Ideas!” space into the Moog House of Electronicus—an analog wonderland of electronic sight and sound.

Inspired by the Moog Island of Electronicus, a 1970s “electronic happening” off the coast of Florida, the Moog House of Electronicus invited all to connect to a world of shared sonic experience. Synth aficionados and newcomers alike came together to explore interactive synthesis installations, immersive audio visual systems, and get hands on with Moog instruments like the polyphonic Moog One analog synthesizer and the new limited edition Moog Sirin synthesizer.

Departing from last year’s invite-only event in Echo Park, this year’s Moog House of Electronicus was open to the public, offering daily synthesizer workshops from synthesist Bana Haffar and inviting all to experience the power of sound. A sculptural installation of patchable Moog Mother-32 and DFAM synthesizers provided the soundtrack for the week, filling the space with an ever evolving sound bed that changed as new visitors added their own sounds to the patch. Interspersed in a collection of rare desert flora provided by The Cactus Store, visitors could discover self-guided synthesizer meditations, a mind-bending A.V. system provided by BPMC, and the new Moog Sirin synthesizer.

Dubbed “The Analog Messenger of Joy”, Sirin was only available at the Moog House of Electronicus during its first week after announcement. For those who missed out on this year’s event, don’t worry — Moog will be back next year, and for those looking to pick up the new Moog Sirin, the limited edition instrument is now available for order through Moog Dealers worldwide (only 2500 Sirin will be produced in the Moog Factory in Asheville, after which, no more will be made).

All photography by Alex Kacha.

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