Cactus-powered synths, a bed that vibrates to bass frequencies, a theremin-controlled video wall and more.

Last month, Moog transformed a bungalow in Los Angeles neighborhood Echo Park into a synth wonderland called the House of Electronicus, filled with instruments and custom-built installations. Alongside the Asheville company’s new Drummer From Another Mother semi-modular percussion synth, there was a cactus-powered synthesizer, theremin-controlled video screens and even a synth-connected bed that vibrated to different bass frequencies.

FACT visited Moog’s one-of-a-kind house to experience it first-hand, where we spoke with Moog about how it all worked and beat scene linchpin Daedelus on why the new Drummer From Another Mother could be a Moog classic in the making. Watch above, and check out FACT’s photos from the event for more visuals of the House of Electronicus.

Filmed by Jesse Orrall.

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