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Moog’s cactus-powered synth and other highlights from its House of Electronicus


A photo journey inside a synth wonderland.

Moog erected a perfect hardware haven last month called Moog House of Electronicus, a bungalow in Los Angeles neighborhood Echo Park installed with rooms full of synths and cacti. Through out the house, experienced synthesists and novices alike were able to test out and admire different Moog machines, including the Moog Mother-32, the Theremini and their brand new semi-modular percussion synth, Drummer From Another Mother.

Visitors could tinker with the DFAM at a table set up with different pieces of hardware while elsewhere, a wall of snow-broadcasting TV sets displayed people trying their hand, quite literally, with the Theremini. With space to hang out in the backyard and watch DJ sets by artists like LA beat scene luminary Daedelus in the middle of a mild January, it couldn’t get any more LA – they even gave away Moog-branded rolling papers.

Here’s a photo guide to what we saw, beautifully captured by FACT photographer Alex Kacha.

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